At Elliott & Elliott Financial, our business philosophy can be summed up by a single ideal — we put our clients’ personal satisfaction and financial independence above our own bottom line, every time. This philosophy provides the foundation of our business in three ways: through independence and high-touch client service.


As an independent financial advisor, we do not use proprietary products. That means we have the ability to pick and choose whatever products, methods, or strategies will best suit your unique situation and objectives. We have no sales pressures, no conflicts of interest, and no quotas to meet. We grow our business by achieving satisfaction and long-term financial success for the people who choose to invest with us. It’s no small decision to trust a firm with your life’s work and your financial future. We honor our clients’ trust with complete fidelity and integrity.


When we sit down with a new client, we begin by asking meaningful questions and listening until we develop a comprehensive understanding of who they are and what they hope to achieve with their money. We strive to create a deep connection that provides the foundation for a long and mutually rewarding relationship.

We also believe in educating our clients. Financial management is complicated — the broad spectrum of choices is as wide as the sea is deep. Even intelligent, successful people may often feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to reach their goals. We make it our priority to teach our clients about the products and strategies we recommend. We want them to know not only what a product does, but why we think it’s a good fit for their overall portfolio. We also believe in being completely open about the costs associated with everything we recommend. Our clients deserve to know what they’re getting and what they’re paying for it.